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Anger Management

A complete Study And Education Course

Our Anger Management study course for domestic violence offenders will be accepted upon request by most municipal courts. The course meets and fulfills the conditions for probation or dismissal stipulated by most court ordered anger management. Please consult with your local district court if you are uncertain.



1.    The complete five (5) one hour sessions program and a workbook is mailed to you following your online registration and fee payment.
2.    Finish the easy post test given at the end of the program.
3.    Undergo a 1 hour oral review/exit session (in person or by phone) with one of our staff counselors
4.    Your  Certificate and/or a notarized letter of completion is mailed to you the same day! That’s it!

Purpose of the Training:
This detail study course is designed to demonstrate the importance of understanding anger as the underlying and active factor in anti-social and battering behavior. Domestic violence offenders are provided with a broad base of knowledge specific to building basic anger management skills and techniques.

The Anger Management Study Course presents a learning module for understanding the psychology and psycho-dynamics of Anger using 5 classroom sessions  to examine the underlying issues of power and control which fuels the offender’s impulsive and historical explosive anger (rage).

1.    Offenders will examine his/her anger management skills as a prerequisite for changing their battering behaviors.
2.    Offenders will learn key terms and definitions related to the five (5) basic states of anger.
3.    Offenders will learn how to replace their current negative methods of dealing with their anger with more appropriate and effective techniques.
4.    Offenders will learn how to convert their anger episodes into an opportunity to develop self-respect.
5.    Offenders will learn to identify and effectively cope with the underlying fear associated with their anger (i.e. jealousy and possessiveness).
6.    Understand the role of their own negative attitudes in their conflicts with others and the means of changing them.
7.    Understand the “yoga” of Anger Management and the mental disciplines associated with it.

COMPLETION TIME: Approx. 7 – 8 hours