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14 Sure Ways to Raise a Juvenile Delinquent!


#1 Never check or ask your child who their friends are, or where they hang-out.

#2 Continue to allow your child the freedom to come and go as they please, as long as you can reach them on their cell phone.

#3 Never bore them with conversation about school, sex, drugs, gangs or the consequences they will suffer as a result of their actions and decisions.

#4 Be sure not to teach your child any social or people skills, and please don’t teach them to use words such as, thank you, yes ma’am, yes sir, excuse me, pardon me or I’m sorry, this will ensure that they will never be socially acceptable.

#5 Be sure not to embarrass them by going to teacher parent meetings or surprise checks at their school or looking through their book bags and bedrooms.

#6 Make sure that your child is able to manipulate you, threaten you, out talk you and over talk you in public.

#7 Be sure that you are always too busy or too tired for bowling, skating, movies, shopping, vacations, family time or even a walk in park.

#8 Allow your kids the freedom to rule your home, do not set or impose any house rules, and be sure to give them everything they want when they want it and how they want it with no system of reward for earning it.

#9 Make sure you don’t care what they wear or buy and what they bring into your home.

#10 Be sure that everyone knows that your child is a little angel and can do no wrong and you must always take their side against adults, neighbors, teachers and even the police.

#11 Continue to be the type of parent who is an example of drunkenness, lawlessness, filthy language, laziness and promiscuity, your child will certainly imitate this behavior.

#12 Make sure that your home is the place where teenagers can hang out, get high and run-a-way to anytime of day & night without adult permission or supervision.

#13 Make sure that the only quality time you have for your child is spent in courtrooms, school disciplinary offices or the police station.

#14 Finally, make sure that you criticize your child often for every little mistake they make! Never let them forget that you are always right and that they will never amount to anything this will surely kill their self-esteem! Now as you constantly call them negative names please be sure not to tell them that you love them and make certain that you don’t encourage them by telling them stuff like you can make it and I believe in you and most of all you must not listen to them when they are hurting, angry or upset.

Oh, never hug them either & by implementing steps number 1 through 14, you can be sure that you will be very successful in: “Raising A Juvenile Delinquent!”